CLW – Convoluted PTFE hoses and tubes

CLW – Convoluted PTFE hoses and tubes

Produced with PTFE Resins characterized by low micro-porosity and high tensile strength, the UNIGASKET’s convoluted hoses are the right solution for gasses and aggressive liquids when it’s required an hight flexibility and a low permeability within a good bending radius. The helicoidal profile has been studied to avoid blockages of passing fluids and their consequent solidification and it makes them easy to wash and sterilize.

We could produce using special PTFE resins, approved by FDA, DVGW and BFR in order to use our hoses in food and beverage contact. We have also tested them according to EC 2002/72 and DM 174/2004, confirming the possibility to use our hoses in contact with water, food and beverage.

The wide temperature range (from -70°C to +260°C) allows to our hoses to be widely used in the industrial fields; their high resistances to the peroxides, present inside the standard rubber hoses, makes them the mandatory solution for passenger car, motorcycle and nautical applications. In the shipyard industry our products are approved in flexible hose lined in ships and boats.

ApplicationsPharmaceutical chemistry