IATF Certification

Unigasket has the certification IATF

Environmental certification ISO 14001

Unigasket is ISO 14001 Certified

Company Certification ISO 9001:2015

Our quality system is certified ISO 9001:2015

UL: Certification of Conformity

Unigasket has the certification from UL LLC for its AWG Tubes

DVGW CERT ZP5143 DIN 30660

Tapes in PTFE GRP are certified DVGW ZP5143 for gas and KTW for water according to DVWG ZP5143 and DIN30660 standards

DVWG ZP 5143 Grp Goldband

Grp Goldband Tape is certified by DVGW ZP 5143

NSF/ANSL 51 Certification

Our UNITEF – UNIFEP – UNISIL are certified by NSF

INTERTEK Certification

After the audit by Intertek on 24/09/2018Unigasket receive the “Achievement Award”

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