Coolant EGR, turbo, doser, injector

Uni Gasket Srl supplies a wide range of coolant lines for
various applications on the driveline, such as the engine,
turbo, EGR, doser unit and air compressor. The medium
running through the feed, return and vent lines is the
engine coolant fluid.
With increasing electronic controls and increasing
temperatures the need for efficient coolant is also

liquido egr per raffreddamento

  • Steel tubing
  • Resistance to very high environmental temperatures near
    by the turbo, EGR and exhaust pipes
  • Fluorocomp hose
  • PTFE no sticking smooth bore liner provides excellent
    flow of coolant
  • Provides excellent installation capability of the line on
    the driveline
  • Eliminates risk of fatigue cracks with full steel lines caused
    by vibration
  • In built heat shield by the fibreglass braid
  • Resistance to high working pressures at high working
    temperatures up to 260° C
  • Connections
  • Dedicated multi-connect flanges to reduce part numbers
    and installation
  • One bolt connection reduces installation time
  • Guarantees the right orientation and routing of the line
  • Brackets
  • Reduce risk of fatigue and noise in case of long steel tubing
  • Alternative to guarantee orientation of coolant line


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