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Flangiflon is a gasket made of expanded PTFE produced with uniaxial extrusion. This orientation gives perfect stability to the structure of the PTFE fibers which are  longitudinal to the extrusion. By compressing the Flangiflon, both a change of thickness and a spread of the product are obtained which guarantee excellent seal. The Flangiflon comes with a double-sided tape for easy placement on the sealing surfaces and for the subsequent assembly.

The Flangiflon is produced in different sizes, thicknesses, lengths and wound on spools. Both the length of the Unigasket to be wound in a spool and the coils can be customized (they are supplied in various colors and silkscreens).
The mounting of the Flangiflon starts with the choice of the right size to be used. It is then necessary to clean the sealing surface and remove the double-sided tape backing paper.

The two ends of the Flangiflon will then need to be overlaid and cut into about 2 cm from the junction. Eventually, the closure of the sealing surfaces will take place by tightening the bolts or screws symmetrically.

Even in the presence of strong damage of the sealing surface, an hermetic closure can be guaranteed by applying an additional layer on the damaged area. In order to avoid deterioration of the flanges – as can happen to thin flanges – it is recommended to apply some tape in “ribbon snake”way.

This way of application is also recommended for fragile flanges, such as those made of glass, ceramic or plastic.


The Flangiflon finds universal application, such as:

  • seals for pumps
  • seals for transmissions
  • seals for compressors
  • seals for containers
  • seals available both for any use that involves the need of a static seal and for wherever there are the parameters for the use of PTFE.





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