GSP: glass fibre sleeving and hose treated with silicon

glass fibre sleeving hose

Glass fibre sleeving coated with shiny red silicone outside tickness 1 mm. It guarantees an excellent heat insolution and protection from external agents thanks to the fire proof silicone coating.

Protection from flame and molten metal sprinklings, chemical agents.

Employed as protection for personnel against industrial injuries, for stiff or flexible metal pipes, for rubber hoses, for electric cables in the following field: aeronautical, naval, automotive, industrial vehicles, house appliance industries.

30 meter coils.

Colour: red

With internal sleeving in fibreglass 550°C: max working temperature 260°C.

With internal sleeving in fibreglass 750°C: max working temperature 350°C.

Ø from 12 to 65 mm.

10 meter coils.

Colours: red or grey

With internal sleeving in fibreglass 550°C: max working temperature 260°C
With internal sleeving in fibreglass 750°C: max working temperature 350°C


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