PTFE flexible tubes

Oil action line.

Uni Gasket Srl provides a wide range of hoses for the
passage of oil for various automotive applications present
on the witness line.
Our range includes hoses for oil lubrication lines, for the
turbo and air compressors. We produce hoses for the oil
cooling systems installations, for the cooling oil in engines,
gears of the gearbox and to for all components that have
too high temperatures to be water-cooled. The stainless
steel braid protects the inner of PTFE tube and increases
the safety and the resistance to the burst pressure of the
The experience of Uni Gasket in high temperature hoses
can help the client to develop new solutions for critical
applications of the engine oil lines.


tubo per linea azionamento olio

  • Inner Ptfe tube
  • Excellent resistance to aging
  • Excellent ease of installation
  • The non-stick properties of PTFE prevents any debris from
    clogging the tube.


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