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PTFE thread sealing tape

The PTFE thread sealing tape of unsintered PTFE is mainly used as a thread sealing element. It resists all known chemical compound and solvents, with the exception of gaseous Flourine at high temperature, Trifluoro Chlorine, alkali metals either molten or in solution. It can be used in a temperature range: -200°C to +260°C; has a low coefficient of friction, is tasteless, insolubile, and doesn’t smell. The tapes are normally available on plastic reels. Is compounded from virgin material and is produced through a process called “Paste Extrusion”. We also have available PTFE thread sealing tape produced according to DIN – DWGW, BS7786, GASTEC NORMS, BAM APPROVAL, WRC, FDA.

PTFE thread sealing tape


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