Unigasket is leader in the production of thin-walled, convoluted and stainless-steel braided PTFE hoses. Our range is completed by tubes in thermoplastic fluorinated polymers (PFA, FEP and PVDF), in polyamide 12, polyamide 11, polyurethane and in Silicone.

Thanks to this wide range of tubes, Unigasket is undoubtedly the ideal partner for customers looking for high-tech solutions for both automotive and industrial applications.


Unigasket produces a wide range of PTFE tubes from the simplest thin wall tube, to convoluted and steel braided hoses. PTFE tubing are able to offer excellent chemical and high temperatures resistances, are completely odourless and tasteless and have a low coefficient of friction for those reasons they are used in industrial and automotive environments where high technical performances are required.


The continuous development of Unigasket has led the company to specialize also in the extrusion of fluorinated thermoplastic polymers such as PFA, FEP and PVDF (also made in a clean room ISO 7 certified), in long chain polymers such as Polyamide 12, Polyamide 11, Polyamide 6, in Polyurethanes and Elastomers offering tubes for low, medium and high pressures.


Our silicone tubes are resistant to high and low temperatures, offer good resistance to oxidation and have a reduced aging. We have certified food compounds according to FDA and BFR regulations so that we can meet the highest standards in terms of food compatibility.


The corrugated metal flexible hoses, lined with AISI 304 steel braid, are ideal for the passage of technical gases, for the conduction of fluids at high and low temperatures and are able to offer excellent resistance to the most aggressive chemical agents.
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