Industry has always strived to reduce inventory and costs, trying to discover new products that will operate in numerous applications, PTFE is one of these products until it becomes a hose. Traditionally there are two types of PTFE hose available, smoothbore hose and convoluted hose, each hose has its positives and negatives. Smoothbore has flexibility and kinking issues as you increase the bore size, but has good flow rate. Convoluted has flow rate issues due to turbulent flow, but has flexibility due to its convolutions. The answer UNIFLOW, a smoothbore PTFE hose with external convolutions giving incredible fl exibility and excellent fl ow rate with no turbulent flow. UNIFLOW gives you flexibility, increased smooth flow rate, vacuum resistance, and the performance of PTFE for chemical resistance and a broad temperature and pressure operating range. One hose for all applications and with incredible performance.




Food – Bio – Pharmaceutical – Cosmetic Industry – Chemical Industry – Automotive –

Temperature: -200 °C/+260 °c
Inner core: Smooth PTFE inside, convoluted PTFE outside
Reinforcement: AISI 304 SS or ARAMID FIBRE



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