What is PTFE?

Simply put, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a problem solver. Whenapplication parameters are outside the limits of many hose types, PTFEhoses made from UNIGASKET can be your best solution. The chemical compatibility of PTFE, combined with its unique physicalcharacteristics, make it the ideal engineered plastic for use in hoseapplications throughout the world. Consider the benefits:

  • Flexible and Strong: Combined with metal braid, UNIGASKET PTFE hoses can perform well underconditions where high pressures and continuous flexing and vibrationmakes this type of application a particular challenge. Properly appliedand installed, braided PTFE hoses can withstand hundreds of thousandsof flex cycles without fatigue or failure.
  • Chemically Resistant and Inert: UNIGASKET PTFE hoses can handle an almost endless variety of fluids atextreme pressures and temperatures. It is the most universal hose known.
  • Wide Ranging Temperature: Hoses made of PTFE can typically withstand temperatures from -100°F to+500°F (-73°C to +260°C) under most operating conditions. Even 350°Fsteam/cold water cycling can usually be handled safely.
  • Non-Stick, Low Friction: Almost no substance can adhere to PTFE. This property insures thepurity of any fluid being transferred within this type of hose. It alsoallows for repeated reuse or alternate use with different fluids. Witha coefficient of friction as low as 0.05, deposits cannot build up andflow rates are high throughout the hose assembly life.
  • Resistant to Moisture: By nature, PTFE lacks affinity to moisture. Absorption is less than0.01%. In addition, no odor, taste or color is added to the transferfluid by PTFE, making it an FDA approved material for food contact.


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