Why selected Unigasket PTFE hose assemblies?

In a word, versatility! Across almost every industry, applications for Unigasket PTFE hoses can be found. From caustic chemical transfer, tohigh purity food handling, to pharmaceutical processing, from aerospaceand automotive to petrochemical processing…here are just some of the benefits:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs – UNIGASKET PTFE hose assembly life is often many times that of rubber or elastomeric hose. Per hour cost is lower.
  • Less Production Loss – The real cost of a failed hose is often the loss of production or product spoilage incurred. The properties of Unigasket PTFE hose assemblies keep the assembly in service longer than other hose type.
  • Greater Margin of Safety – Unigaskest PTFE hoses handle even the most dangerous fluids: steam,acids, caustics, noxious gases, even flammable liquids, safely.Constructed with built in safety features, it is engineered not only for the application but also for the operator.


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